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Fact: There are specific nutrients that are critical to your brain health.

Your brain is 60% fat. The fat in your diet directly impacts your brain health. What fat does your brain need? Do you eat enough? What happens to a brain deficient in brain-building fats or magnesium, vitamin B-6, or iron?

Fact: Most Americans do not eat enough of a mineral critical to brain health.

The U.S. government estimates that 80% of Americans do not get enough of one specific brain-building mineral. Are you part of this 80%? Your body may be trying to tell you and your brain may be suffering because of it.

Fact: Good nutrition even helps those who are on anti-depressant medication.

You will continue to struggle with depression if you are missing key nutrients. Even if you are on an anti-depressant medication, some medications work better when your brain is loaded with these brain-building nutrients.

Fact: If you ignore nutrition, you will likely experience far-reaching consequences.

Depression is only one consequence of poor brain health. As you age, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are other signs. However, the same nutrients that impact your brain impact many systems in your body. The quote below from the introduction of the book Rebuild From Depression tells the story.


Grab these books today and acquire these brain-building tools

Learn to identify a nutrient deficiency (even if there isn’t a great blood test for it).

Locate the best supplements (no hype, research-based recommendations).

Select and prepare foods to maximize those nutrients in your diet.

Fight depression with 7 nutrients, 50+ foods, recipes, science, inspiration.

The depression book describes the research basis for the nutrient-depression link, highlighting the nutrients with the strongest basis in research. With seven specific nutrients in mind, the authors review each of the food groups recommending how to improve the diet for the long-term.

Which meats are highest in Omega 3 fatty acids?

How do you select oils to improve your Omega 3 status?

Should you trim your steak?

In a unique contribution to work on depression, the authors present “depression buster foods” – those foods highest in the seven focus nutrients. The Rebuild book is the only depression book of its kind to identify criteria for depression-fighting foods and apply that criteria systematically to the USDA’s database of over 5,000 foods.

The Rebuild From Depression book has never been offered in both paperback and digital. This offer is an experiment and could disappear at any time. If having these resources available to you in different formats is of interest to you, do pick this up today.

A Unique “Test” of the Book

Rose’s struggle with postpartum depression is featured prominently in the book, relating to her own grandmother’s ongoing depression after having children and her life-long struggle with heart disease and diabetes. As the book was in press, then 40-year-old Rose became pregnant with a second child and, against all odds, was able to survive the pregnancy and postpartum periods depression-free. (Rose is pictured at right with her second son.)

The tools in the Rebuild book were critical to her success but she attributes other complementary tools as well, some featured in the bonus content in this offer.

The Authors

Authors Rose and Adams (now Mavrantonis) bring a unique combination of experience to this project. Mavrantonis is a practicing psychiatrist focusing on women’s mental health, particularly postpartum. Rose comes from a research background (political science) and has been active in the growing whole foods movement. She now manages the popular website

A Limited-Time Bonus Collection

In this limited-time offer, grab these additional depression-fighting tools. Integrate the ideas that work for you. Make small changes on good days that will help you through some of your bad days.

Each of these bonus books is delivered to your email inbox as a readable PDF file, along with instructions to read it if you are unfamiliar with this file format.

While you will receive a paperback version of the Rebuild From Depression book along with your order, you will have instant access to the digital version that you can begin to explore immediately. A digital version has the advantage of being readily available on your computer and easily searched by keyword. The paper and digital version have never been offered before — it is a combination we are experimenting with in this offer.
Lavender has been used for centuries to improve relaxation, sleep, and mood. Research is beginning to verify its effectiveness. Explore the research and how to implement it in your own life. Author Amanda Rose says, “Lavender may be my favorite complementary therapy for mood. It is so easy to integrate into your life that even care givers can implement lavender therapy for their loved ones. Lavender is beautiful and fragrant to boot.” This 2500+ word digital book includes recipes and step-by-step instructions on integrating lavender into your routine, complemented by pictures from Rose’s lavender garden in her home in the Sequoia National Forest.
We all have good and bad days. While struggling with mood disorders, you will likely have more bad days than good days. In this digital book Good Days Strategies Classics, explore ideas to make simple changes in your life on your good days, changes that will impact your health during your bad days as well. You may find yourself with fewer bad days. For example, did you realize that poor indoor air increases your body’s need for brain-building nutrients? With poor indoor air, your body will use nutrients to detoxify your lungs instead of building your brain. Improve your indoor air with a few basic techniques. Learn many more small changes you can implement to improve your health. This book was part of Amanda’s original research for the Rebuild From Depression book with a focus on lifestyle changes.
In Rebuild From Depression, the authors profile over 50 foods rich in brain-building nutrients. Five of those foods are highlighted in this cookbook with several recipes for each food. The focus foods include salmon, sesame seeds, lamb, clam, and yard long beans.



Rebuild from Depression Book Contents and Excerpts

Please click on an underlined item to download a PDF version of a chapter or excerpt.

You will need a PDF reader to read the documents. You can download the Adobe® Reader® free of charge by clicking here.

Introduction (download here)
Chapter 1: Pre-pregnancy to birth
Chapter 2: Birth
Chapter 3: Feeding problems
Chapter 4: Back with a vengeance
Chapter 5: Searching for answers while depressed
Chapter 6: Deficits in a World of Plenty (download here)
Chapter 7: The Usual Suspects, Your Starting Place
Chapter 8: More investigation: Additional Nutrients
Chapter 9: Meats and Seafood
Chapter 10: Dairy and eggs
Chapter 11: Fruits and Vegetables
Chapter 12: Grains and Legumes
• Excerpt: Phytic acid and mineral loss (download here)
Chapter 13: Nuts, seeds, and oils
Chapter 14: Strategic shopping and meal makeovers
Chapter 15: Conclusion (download here)

Rebuild from Depression Book Endorsements

We are grateful for the many endorsements of the book Rebuild from Depression.

The best book on depression and food I’ve seen is Rebuild from Depression, by Amanda Rose, who understands the condition from bitter experience.”
–Nina Planck, Author
Real Food: What to Eat and Why

Rebuild from Depression is going to be a very important book. Its dissection of the role of diet and nutrition is well-researched and an eye-opener. Medical science is beginning to greater value the study of diet and particularly the role of nutrients in maintaining that delicate bodily balance called health.

It may be that increases in depression can be tied to our deteriorating eating habits in which manufactured food is progressively displacing grown food. The medical community is trying to correct the ravages of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity and yet these diseases may represent the end-result of dietary manipulation by industry. We need to address the cause of these diseases: the food we are consuming is nutrient-shallow. Rebuild from Depression helps us do just that. Dr. Amanda Rose needs to be heard by the medical professionals as well as laymen.”
–Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Clinical Instructor, UCLA

In the arena of depression where the push is one pill fits all, it is refreshing to look at the holistic reality that depression has many stems and many causes. Depression really requires us to view this issue systemically, with care and honor for the client. Amanda Rose, in her fine book, reminds us of that need in an open, realistic discussion. I highly recommend this book for practitioners and their clients.”
–Gabrielle M. Guedet, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Marriage and Family Therapist
Sacramento, CA

Rebuild from Depression provides real answers for reversing depression caused by common nutritional deficiencies. By giving you powerful information and practical steps to boost your awareness, it empowers you to live a happier, healthier life!”
–Jan DeCourtney, CMT
Co-author, Recapture Your Health

Rebuild from Depression by Amanda G. Rose, Ph.D., is full of useful information for women, especially mothers and the people who support them. The author examines the ways in which the nutritional demands of pregnancy and the recovery period following childbirth can trigger postpartum depression, and often contribute to a lifelong depression. She presents a nutritional approach to providing protection against postpartum depression, and ideas for overcoming depression in women. As a doula, I’m looking forward to recommending this book to my clients.
–Allison Coleman
Supporting Mom Services
Austin, Texas

“Rose’’s book Rebuild from Depression gives us depression-fighting tools to last a lifetime.”

In my work at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland I have dealt with grief every day and with its cousin, depression. We all need survival tools to help us get through tough times. Rose’’s book Rebuild from Depression gives us depression-fighting tools to last a lifetime.
–Patricia Broemmel, M.A. (Bioethics/Theology)
Pacific School of Religion, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Two years ago this week I was detained by the state of California and sent to a mental hospital for a 72 hour evaluation after a visit to the ER. I had not slept and barely eaten in 7 days. I was sure that God was going to take me home and that I would die in the institution. My baby was 9 weeks old. I turned a major corner about 3 weeks ago after about 6 intense weeks of nutritional supplements, amino acids, and traditional foods. I am convinced that rebuilding through nutrition will cure me.

I am a skeptic about ‘cures’ in general. When Amanda used to tell me about depression and nutrition, I just did not get it. I thought that I inherited mental illness from my father’s side and there was nothing I could do besides accept it and take medications. Then one day, by the grace of God, a light bulb went on and it all made sense. I am on the path to wellness now, as I call it. Knowing also that Amanda is well and she had mental illness in her family made me rethink my whole paradigm about mental illness.

My B-6 and zinc levels are already increasing after 2.5 months. I had severe anemia and someone who I had not seen in a few months looked at me and said ‘You have color in your face, my dear!’

It is never too late for you to get well and influence the generations to come.”
–Jennifer S., mother of one, 26 years old, California

How enlightening! Dr. Rose’s personal story is inspiring, and her advice for how I can take action in my own struggle with vitamin deficiencies is empowering. I highly recommend her book for all women whether they are simply hoping to be mothers in the future or are struggling to regain their mental and physical health from past pregnancies.”
–Lindsay Rhein, mother of two

“Amanda Rose, Ph. D., has packed an amazing amount of usable information into this must-read book.”

Amanda Rose, Ph. D., has packed an amazing amount of usable information into this must-read book. It not only addresses why people can suffer from depression, but also how one can fix it. Thanks to Amanda, I have learned to love liver.”
–Youngiee Quennell, Oregon

Wow! I’ve ignored all responsibilities in my life (other than my daughter and the dog) over the last five days because I’ve spent every spare minute my daughter was asleep reading Rebuild from Depression. From my own similar journey, I do believe that God wants us to be healthy and to thrive on the foods He gave us instead of trying to improve on what He has made perfectly. This book will lead people to this truth and in the right direction.
–Moneca Dunham

Amanda’s book, Rebuild from Depression, and her story, have inspired me to find a nutritional solution to my depression. I have used homeopathy and nutritional supplements instead of the antidepressants that I was on previously. Her well-researched, informative book, along with her story, can help someone who is looking for the root cause of her depression. Her troubleshooting lists really help one to know where to begin to seek help for nutritional support. And her recipes are great, too!”
–Jennifer Redwine

Rebuild Package

The Rebuild From Depression book has never been offered in both paperback and digital. This offer is an experiment and could disappear at any time. If having these resources available to you in different formats is of interest to you, do pick this up today.

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