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These herbs may alleviate postpartum depression and anxiety

These herbs may alleviate postpartum depression and anxiety

These herbs may alleviate postpartum depression and anxiety Follow Me on Pinterest I get asked quite a bit about herbal remedies for depression and I do find relief myself in lavender and sage, two herbs I talk about in the Good Days Strategies emails (here). However, my strong view on any potential remedies for a disease as complicated as depression is that we should see them as a tool to take the edge off a bad situation. It is unlikely that one of these herbs in themselves will provide a complete remedy for postpartum depression but each may help you survive the day a bit better and may give you just enough extra energy to take care of yourself and your baby a little bit better, perhaps bringing another small bit of relief in itself, relief that may help you find time and energy to implement another complementary therapy.

In the videos below, well-respected herbalist Susun Weed offers several nourishing herbal infusions and tinctures for recovery from postpartum depression. These are mineral-rich tools which also help relieve anxiety.

In the first video she recommends the following: an oat straw infusion, red clover infusion, motherwort tincture, lemon balm tea or tincture, and St. John’s Wort tincture.

In the videos that follow, learn about how to make these infusions and tinctures yourself. Try one and see how it works for you. For plant material if you do not have access to the fresh herb, we recommend buying them dried from our partner Mountain Rose Herbs (here). You can buy some of the tinctures there as well, ready-made, for instance St. John’s Wort is here.

How to Make a Red Clover Infusion with Susun Weed

A red clover infusion is simple to make. In this video, Susun Weed measures one ounce of red clover flowers, covers them with one quart of boiling water, and allows the mixture to sit covered for four hours. You then have a very strong red clover tea to drink.

How to Make an Oat Straw Infusion with Susun Weed

Called the “herb of immortality,” Weed makes an oat straw infusion using one ounce of oat straw covered with one quart of boiling water. The mixture sits covered for four hours before the herbs is strained from the liquid. The liquid is a nourishing oat straw infusion.

How to Make a Motherwort Tincture with Susun Weed

Susun Weed shows how you can harvest motherwort and make a tincture. She harvests fresh blossoms at the beginning of their bloom, fills a jar with blossoms, and covers it with 100 proof vodka. It sits for six weeks, the motherwort is strained out, and the alcohol tincture is used in herbal therapy.

More on St. John’s Wort Susun Weed

In this video, Susun Weed describes some of the other uses for St. John’s Wort, including jet lag and muscle soreness.

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