Nutrients and Lifestyle Approaches for a Healthy Brain
Foods for Depression: Rebuild Resources

Foods for Depression: Rebuild Resources

Are there foods for depression? The fact is that a healthy brain is a brain loaded with the right mix of beneficial fats, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. If your diet has been deficient in critical brain nutrients or if your body does not absorb them properly, you may struggle with depression. Check out some of the foods for depression resources below available here at the Rebuild site.

Fish Oil for Depression

The beneficial fat in fish oil is a critical for a healthy brain and it may help alleviate your depression if you are deficient in it. Listen to the video below and read more at this website on fish oil for depression and Omega 3 for depression.

Fish as Food for Depression

Fish oil is a great option in raising your brain levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and so too is fish. Fish and seafood top the list of high Omega 3 foods and should be a staple in your diet — they are foods for depression.

B Vitamins for Depression

Your brain uses B vitamins to convert the protein in your food (notably tryptophan) into the feel-good hormone serotonin. Folate is being used in clinical trials actually to improve the performance of anti-depressant medication, key evidence that you do not have to choose one treatment path. You should take vitamins if you are taking anti-depressants. B vitamins are also critical to brain health as we age in particular. We have a higher need for vitamin B-12 as we age. Read more about B vitamins and depression and watch the video below.

B Vitamin Foods for Depression

If B vitamins are important for brain health, so too are foods loaded with B vitamins. One of the richest sources of B vitamins is actually the organ of an animal, which makes it a bit controversial and, frankly, not all that easy to eat. Liver is a B-vitamin super food — one of nature’s most powerful foods for depression. If the animal was on a grass diet it is actually a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids as well. In the video below we present the best recipe we have found for beef liver — flash fried beef liver and onions. Read the full recipe: Beef liver and onions.

Popular Recipes and Techniques from the Rebuild Site

Over the years, Mom (aka “Jeanie Rose”) has provided numerous resources on cooking healthy food. I know people who have her salad dressing instructions posted on their refrigerator (and some of us have memorized them). Some of the salad-making highlights include:

Cooking broths and making simple homemade soups are some of the best ways to improve the nutrient content of your diet. Soaking your beans and grains are also simple steps you can take.

Foods for Depression

Follow Me on Pinterest There are foods for depression, but the fight against depression is a long game. Your body gives you opportunities everyday to eat better, relax a bit, and exercise. Everyday your body makes new cells and discards the old ones. Today you can put nutrients into your body that will fill those cells with what they need. In this way, foods begin to change your overall health and overtime you can find relief from depression. There are foods for depression and today is a good day to make a change.

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